Kumartuli Idol Maker



Shilpa Kendra was established by famous craftsman Sri,Ramesh Chandra Paul.

Since 1960 it began the trip of chiseling and symbol making organizations in India mostly at West Bengal Kolkata. It has come long path being in the heart of Bengali religious celebration conveying scores of amazing icons a seemingly endless amount of time.


The quality and creative show-stoppers have caught the heart of Bengalis and all other craftsmanship adoring individuals in India and abroad. Our manifestations have arrived at the shores of numerous nations like US, UK, Australia, Newzeland and so on. We have

raised our standard of fine art by carefully reveled into this fine displaying exercises.


Our Durga Idols have adorned in numerous celebrated Surbojanin Durgotsav Commite’s pandels quite in KOLKATA, and all over INDIA.Our Durga Idols additionally finished the Durgotsav masterminded by Bengali Association “Antorik” in Dallas, USA, Bay Area Probasee Inc in  San Francisco (USA), Auckland (Newzeland), Singapur, Japan,Canada, Dubai, London Durga Puja and so on.


We have two workshops in Kumartuli occupied in delivering different varieties of symbols, models, and figures as the year progressed. We deal with distinctive materials, for example, Stone, Bronze,mud, Fiberglass, Thermocol (Shola), Paper pulp and so on. We take most extreme consideration to save the god, holiness of the religious feeling of the Bengali and individuals of different groups.


Despite the fact that we are for the most part delivering Durga, Kali, Jagaddhatri, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartikeya, Radha Krishna, Ganesha, Viswakarma and so on. We additionally dealt with a lot of assignments of delivering different religious Gods and Goddesses. We likewise do chiseling of  different religious and non-religious models like flexibility warriors, famous authors and so on.


Despite the fact that our heart of the organization, Sri,Ramesh Chandra Paul had withdrawn us few years back yet his work and level of association in this customary business propelled his capable son Sri, Prasanta Paul to held the glory of the foundation high by conveying quality fine arts for the sake of “ Sri, Ramesh Chandra Paul & Sons” having key parts:


Shilpa Kendra

Prasanta Pal (Artist)

1, Kumartuli Street, Kolkata - 700005.

Ph - 033 - 2530 1425

Mob - 09433359617 / 09831164846.

Email - info@kumartuliidolmaker.com.